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Graham Baxter is able to refurbish a wide range of watch timing machines.

Vibrograf B100 and B200, Vibrasonic cleaners
Greiner Chronografic Record, Super and Champion
Greiner Micromat Precicheck and Miniprint
Greiner Quartz Timer and Quartz Printer
Bandelin Tickoprint Compact, Perfect, Transistor TA

The objective is to restore to original standards of performance. The appearance will be restored to the extent possible without repainting. Machines can usually be made to look very nice.


As a general guide, an overhaul will cost £310.00. Packing and carriage is £23.50. The price is based on the assumption that no major parts are faulty (such as mains transformers, motors etc), that the machine has not been damaged by unskilled attempts at repair, that nothing is missing and no specialised cosmetic parts need replacing. Extras such as these will always be discussed before the refurbishment begins. The price includes service for one microphone.

After an overhaul, the machine and microphone are warranted for six months.
(Of course, tampering and abuse are excluded)


An overhaul is usually complete within two weeks. Any unforseen delay will be advised at the time it arises.

For more information, please contact Graham Baxter in the UK at 01778 560535 or via email at

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