Important note: In order to avoid disappointment, please note that we do not supply spare parts, circuit diagrams, or service information.


Pre-Owned Machines

I have a wide range of used watch timing machines in stock.

Sorry, these machines are not suitable for pendulum clocks.

Greiner Vibrograf B200, latest two-tone styling with MP86 mic, clock probe, dust cover, earpiece, very nice paintwork in pristine condition
Vibrograf B200 and MP86 mic. You specify how good you want the appearance to be
Vibrograf B200 with MP86 mic, early style pale blue paintwork with chips and dings but fully functional
Tuning fork board for B200
Gradoscop GD50 amplimeter (LED), for B200
Greiner Vibrograf B500
Greiner Micromat MM1
Greiner Amplimeter Junior for Micromat
Greiner Quartz Printer QP1 with digital electrometer
Elma Multiscript with watch microphone
Bandelin Tickotest ET20 (V,Ω,μA, bat test etc)
L & R Varimatic, refurbished, resprayed, updated ultrasonics (collect only)
Carriage, insurance and packing for any timing machine

Stock situation changes regularly. Please email for latest information.

Watch timers include a one year return to base guarantee. Terms cheque with order please. Machines include a watch microphone. Clock probes are not included unless specifically listed but are usually available at around £100 or as an alternative to a watch microphone.

UK Delivery is usually ten to fourteen days from receipt of order with payment.

Some machines use a disposable ink film ribbon. Such machines will be supplied with ample ribbon but future availability of any consumable cannot be guaranteed. The Greiner Micromat and Miniprint need self-inking paper which is available from Cousins, part number T1713.

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